Dragon's Studio & School

The Dragon's Odyssey Studio & School Will Move Into Milford, NJ March 1st!

There will be plenty of room in the new studio. Marti is looking forward to relocating the power tools and being able to use them when needed.

There will be permanent stations created for:

  • the JoolTool,
  • the Cricut Joy,
  • the Sizzix Big Kick,
  • hydraulic press,
  • xTool F1 laser engraver,
  • rotary tumbler,
  • and multiple anodizers.

Having them at hand to use will be a game changer both for creativity and student usage.

Classes are being planned for students in:

  • working with niobium,
  • resin,
  • wireworking,
  • stringing for adults and teens

Mart's jewelry/teaching friends will be invited to have classes here.


Open Studio Time

Students and future students can make use of the available equipment during Open Studio Time. There is a yearly plan of $300, a monthly plan of $100, a weekly plan of $50, or a daily pass for $15.


Your Help Is Requested!

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for a bit of help to make this studio everything I’ve dreamed of. If there are pieces that catch your eye here on my website, please consider purchasing. I have started a GoFundMe. Please consider a donation. Help me to furnish the retail and classroom spaces. Your contribution will not only support this dream but as a token of my gratitude, I’ll send you a special gift of your choice. Together, let’s craft a space where creativity blooms. Opening this studio and school is my commitment to creating a beautiful, welcoming community learning space in charming Milford, NJ.