Why It's The Dragon's Odyssey

In my heart, a dragon is a symbol of everything I aspire to be - protective, wise, and ever curious. It represents a deep love for family, a spirit both mysterious and intelligent, and a force that's nurturing yet formidable.

The Dragon's Odyssey isn't just a name; it's my life's story. This story reflects a journey of learning, growing, and evolving with the resilience and courage of a dragon.

Every step, every challenge faced, is a testament to my dragon spirit - alert, tricksy, slow to anger but fierce when stirred.

The Dragon's Odyssey has added three new classes.

The Dragon's Odyssey Studio & School is located at 12A Creek Road in beautiful riverside Milford, NJ 08848. Prepare to be amazed by the retail offerings, Marti Brown's personal studio, a virtual teaching studio, and a dynamic classroom.