When you wake in the morning do you choose your clothes for
the day by color? Are you wanting to reflect your mood with color? Do you want
to make yourself feel happier by the color you choose? When you shop for
clothing do you look for color first then check out the design and fabric? That
is how I approach my day-to-day life. So, it’s no wonder that I use that
approach in designing my jewelry.


Color plays an important part in our lives. Wearing orange
can energize you for a difficult day. Blue can give you a sense of calm for
those days when life gets stressful. Purple can be a symbol of mystery,
mysticism, or a symbol of enlightenment. Pink and magenta colors can keep you
cheerful or playful and are often associated with tenderness and empathy.


I have always been drawn to including color in my jewelry
work. In starting out I would combine different metals and semi-precious stones
in my designs. But that didn’t go far enough for me. I then thought of
including silk threads in my designing. That made me happy, but customers had
cleaning concerns. I then discovered the colors of titanium. To get the best
colors required an acid treatment first. That was a no go for me as I worked
out of my house with then young children.


A brief foray into wholesale selling led me to meet Bill Seeley formerly of Reactive Metals Studios. He introduced me to niobium. It
required no acid treatment. And that is where my odyssey into creating with color
began. The niobium color palette is vast. Every change in voltage while
anodizing creates a slightly different color. The colors follow the spectrum,
from yellow to green, repeating with tonal shifts. Niobium colors are created
with help from light. There is no red as we recognize it as red is created
through pigments. There is fuchsia, magenta, and a hot pink.

My story reflects a journey of
learning, growing, and evolving with the resilience and courage of a dragon. Every step, every challenge faced, is a testament to my dragon spirit - alert, tricksy, slow to anger but fierce when stirred. My jewelry is created from niobium and is colorfully anodized in a multitude of color combinations. The different colors will nurture your inner spirit through the colors you resonate
with. The metal is hypoallergenic and there will be no irritations from wearing the jewelry. The metal is very lightweight so the client can wear statement pieces with no discomfort. Every design is created to resonate with your inner spirit, bringing out the colors that reflect your personality and mood.


Marti Brown

"I am the dragon behind The Dragon’s Odyssey. In my heart, a dragon is a symbol of everything I aspire to be - protective, wise, and ever curious. It represents a deep love for family, a spirit both mysterious and intelligent, and a force that's nurturing yet formidable. The Dragon's Odyssey isn't just a name; it's my life's story."

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